Welcome to Bristol Thunder

Korfball! Korfball, Korfball, Korfball! Everywhere you turn these days, that’s all people seem to be talking about. Just walk down the streets of Bristol and all you will see is various Korfball related paraphernalia. Kids after school (on their way to Korfball practice no doubt) singing the famous Korfball chants we all know and love whilst passing a blue and yellow ball around in the style of their favourite Korfball player and shouting “Korfballllll!!!”. Yes. Korfball is truly dominating our lives.

Ok, maybe not. But it is a real sport. And people do play it. In fact, WE play it. So whether you’re a complete newbie who has never heard of the sport or a really experienced Korfball player, head on down to St Mary Redcliffe School and join Bristol Thunder Korfball Club.

Korfball is competitive – We currently have 4 teams spread across the England National League, Western Regional League and South West local level so you can take the sport as seriously as you’d like. If all you’re after is a bit of a coordinated exercise and a chance to make new friends then Korfball is the sport for you! Likewise, if you would like to tell your grandkids someday that you helped Bristol Thunder win the nationals and represented your country then Korfball is also the sport for you!

Korfball is not sexist – Korfball is a mixed gender sport which means anyone really is welcome at Bristol Thunder. A game requires four boys and four girls and we have a great mix of both with a wide range of abilities – from complete beginners to internationals (Wales counts!). Don’t worry though, the rules state that girls and boys cannot mark each other.

Korfball is social – We arrange a veritable smorgasbord of social events (mostly pub related) that will entice anyone, especially handy if you are new to Bristol. Recently we’ve been to comedy nights, watched cricket, played footgolf, had BBQs, waved at Balloons, tried to win quizzes and eaten pizza.

Like to travel? Every year we enter various tournaments. Sometimes the weather is great (Leiderdorp, Netherlands) and sometimes the weather is not so great (Edinburgh, Scotland). But whatever the weather, there are always hangovers.

To summarise…. Korfball. It’s fun. Come and play it.