Match Reports 21-11-18

This weekend’s match reports! Lots of travel this weekend for the club and a mixed bag of results!

First up, from the 3s!

VC Tom Franks had this to say:
After the third’s record score last week confidence was high, however at times we struggled against a physical Exeter 3 side. Whilst we defended excellently throughout we didn’t get as many shots off as we should have, which is something to work on before our next game. However, I thought it was encouraging that we all felt a bit disappointed despite winning comfortably 14-4, so Taunton 3 had better watch out!!!
MVPs were Samuel Luke and Sophie Higgins!

Next, the 4th team!

Captain Anna Howbrook had this to say:
Gloucester were back for a vengeance after last weeks loss. We had a very close game unfortunately losing 16-6. We played well and defense was excellent. Gloucester got off to a strong start leading 6-3 at half time. After some half time coaching from Ben Smith we were ready to take the second half but unfortunately Gloucester came back with some excellent long shots and extended their lead. Excellent Korfball played by all and special mention to Paven Bahia and Lexi for playing at short notice! MVPs were Tom Russell and Paven!

And from the wonderful 2nd team!

Glorious Leader Alex Webb’s take on the game:
All good matches start with 3 players running straight from the car to the pitch to start the game and 4 quick raptors goals…. we rallied and got back to 9-9, raptors rattled by our comeback made some substitutions, landed some long shots and the match ended 19-14. A similar story for the seconds, a match we could have won but didn’t. Massively proud of everyone especially Loic Bouyssiec and Rohanna Morris for stepping up and MVP Roxy Gregory!

And finally, from the 1sts!

Captain Rebecca Fitch (AKA current top female goal scorer in the National League [she did not add that part, I did]) report was:
On Sunday the firsts travelled far and wide to get to their match against the mighty Cambridge Tigers. Tigers have had a mixed bag of performances during the season so far, so we knew a win was within our grasp. Once the match started, Tigers roared ahead with their first goal, which was luckily met with a Thunderstrike. This goal for goal continued throughout the entirety of the first half. Our boys were extremely pressed for the whole match, with our girls trying their best to cut feeds and help the lads out as much as possible in defence. Our team work saw us through and we ended the first half winning 10-9.
The game was super tight, and a lot of our Thunderbolts were feeling the pressure. During half time, we had a great chat from Donald, and we reminded ourselves that we were in the lead and had to take control of the next half and keep up the electricity and draw further away!
During the second half, our storm died down at times, with intermittent showers. Tigers pulled back and we found ourselves on the back paw for a bit. But in true Thunder style, we knew we could do it and we gritted our teeth, and whacked out a couple of Thunderbolts towards the end. We were 23-22 down with about 8 seconds to go, when the mighty zeus Sam Louis stepped up and struck lucky with a cheeky goal under the post, allowing us to finish 23-23 and earn our first point in the National League!! BOOM. Stay tuned for more points hopefully ⛈
Shoutout to Donald, Sianne Way, Chris Rainforth, Beth Ryan and Matt Morgan for incredible pitch-side support – you guys are invaluable 😍