SWKL Week 3 round up

Week 3 in the SWKA Leagues brought on new challenges to the Bristol Thunder 2nd and 3rd teams, after two games against the University sides they would now come up against a far more experienced beast in Exeter KC.

The 3rd team started off the Captain Morris leading the charge, with two Korfball debutants in Claire and Jules, and a Thunder debut for Ian. The team fought hard, smiled lots and learned massively from the experience. The game started with Exeter using their experience to create running in shots and charged into an unassailable lead of 13-1 at half time, although with a bit of coaching on how to stop running in shots the second half was 10-4 to Exeter and with abit more luck in their shooting Thunder deserved to have been even closer in the 2nd half. So we lost 23-4 but with 5 out of the starting 8 having played only played 5 ½ korfball matches between them before this game, the club is very proud of the way they fought to the end and kept smiling. Goals from Captain Morris, Sam ‘Power Ranger’ Grainger, Sam ‘Chuckle brother’ Alexander and Mike ‘chuckle brother’ Lovely.

The 2nd team were left to rue a lack of concentration at the start of each half, having gone 0-3 down early on, pulling it back to 4-5 at half time, before again conceding goals at the start of the second half and then pulling in back to 9-11, another 5 minutes and we might have pulling off the win. A third hat trick in 3 games for Kevin ‘Korfball’ Allen, plus goals for Tess, Anna, Zoe and Sam A (goals might be wrong) kept us in the game until the end.

So a SWKL weekend with 2 losses but most players are performing in a higher league than last season that of course is the ones who played Korfball last season, the others just hadn’t heard of the sport before this summer.