Thunder 1 v Spartans – Regional

Bristol Thunder played host to the mighty Southampton Spartans on 18 January 2014 for some Regional Level Korfballing. Spartans’ top scorers Andy and Alex were already pumping from their highest scoring game of the season, which finished only an hour before, against Bristol City. As soon as Spartans finished streaking the pitch after their epic 26-12 win they made it over to Kingsdown for their second regional game of the day.

Coach Kevin was on top coaching form as always. Using nothing but his two index fingers and an imaginary Korfball pitch in the air to describe a multitude of simple yet effective Korfball related plays that were going to leave Spartans…. what’s the word I’m looking for…. Bamboozled? Outfoxed? No…. Thunderstruck!

Thunder 1 were missing a key player from the original line-up. Super Sianne. Instead, substitute Anna was immediately required. After the initial ceremonial high-fiving, fist-bumping and back-slapping battle was soon underway. Phil, ever the maverick, confidently missed not one but two penalties in the opening minutes of the game. Coach Kev had to briefly excuse himself whilst he had a mild stroke out in the hallway, plotted Phil’s death a little, then returned to the action.

Despite the avalanche of goals from Ruth, there was still only a couple of goals difference in it at half time. It would be great if I could remember the official half time score here but I didn’t write it down. Top reporting! After a five minute break, as is tradition, a single korfball was shot from a canon across the room through a hoop of flames to signal the start of the second half. With that, yet more fist-bumping, knee-slapping and body-popping before the whistle.

Goals from Phil (eventually), Jo, Captain Dan, Angus, and even Beth who had already played for Thunder 4 earlier in the day were matched by on-form Spartan regulars Andy, Alex and Jenny. It was still looking as tight as Daily Mail readers’ attitude toward humanitarian aid as we neared the 45 minute mark.

Fortunately for Thunder 1, Ramzi was also on top form, claiming three goals. However, it was an impressive two goal performance from super-sub Anna that had everyone talking. You know, after they’d stopped talking about Phil missing two penalties. I mean, it’s not like there’s a goalie or anything, Phil. And you’re stood right under the post!

The final score ended 16-11. Another victory which leaves Thunder 1 at the top of the table. Well played Thunderers.