Thunder 3 vs Thunder 4

Frank Hollywood once stated that “when two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score”. But what happens when one tribe, with multiple teams, go to war with each other? Doc Brown in Back to the Future Part II pontificated that such an event “could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe!”. As it turns out, Thunder 3 had already played Thunder 4 earlier in the season and there was none of that. In fact, Thunder 3 won 13–8.

Thunder 4 were the underdogs in this game. No doubt about it. A newly formed and inexperienced team with match debuts from at least one player. On paper, they were going to get slammed by Thunder 3 who were currently top of the SWKA2 table, had plenty of experience and with Sam boasting a 2.3 goals per game average over the season so far this game should have been a walk in the park.

The match kicked off at 10.40ish sharp! Thunder 3 took an impressive lead with Mel scoring four in the first half and absolutely dominating her division. Is she one of the best players in SWKA? Or was she just up against a newbie? Impossible to say.
Harvey scored one for anti-conjunctivitis fans everywhere by playing and scoring goals despite suffering from inflammation of the conjunctiva – get well soon Big H.
But it wasn’t all bad news for Thunder 4 in the first half. Tom R took to Tim like white on rice until he was nothing more than a purring little kitten. Dominated.

At half time the unconfirmed score was 8–2 to Thunder 3. Unconfirmed in the sense that I can’t exactly remember and I didn’t write it down. But in any case, it was not looking brilliant for Thunder 4. They needed inspiration…

Did they get inspiration? Did they come back like something out of a Mighty Ducks film? Not exactly. But they played Korfball true. Pure Korfball. In an epic second half battle Thunder 4 managed to round off the score to a respectable 13-8 defeat. Nothing like the 16-4 score it could have been. In my book, that counts as a Thunder 4 moral victory. And with the actual victory going to Thunder 3, some “glass half full” types might state that they were all winners.

MVPs go to Sam and Mel for Thunder 3. Rowan and Tom R for Thunder 4. Well played everyone – apart from Tim who sucked.