Thunder Annual Tour to Edinburgh International 2013

The party atmosphere started at the airport for the Thunder annual tour with free drinks at the VIP lounge thanks to savvy Stewart Burn our resident Scot. A quick SleasyJet hop to Edinburgh saw the Thunderers make it to the Friday night social in plenty of time to top up their hangovers.
Saturday started with a 4-3 win against Birmingham City, followed by a 2-1 loss to Manchester Warriors, a 7-0 win against Edinburgh University 3, a 1-0 loss to Glasgow then a 6-4 win against St Andrews Saints. With the 15 minute match format, Thunderers were finished by 1pm so had the opportunity to explore the delights of the city taking in the castle and various establishments along Prince’s Street and The Royal Mile. In the true spirit of Burn’s Night, ceilidh dancing at the social and a wee dram were enjoyed by all.
Having come second in a tight group, Thunder faced Durham Saints in a thrilling quarter-final. The final scoreline of 7-7 meant a tense penalty decider. With Dan Thompson missing after Beth Ryan scored, Thunder were knocked out to play for 5th-8th positions. Subsequent losses to Paal Central 6-4 and British Bohemians 6-5, meant that we finished 8th out of 24 teams, well placed considering the high standard of the tournament.
Those who had to get back to work on Monday were unfortunate to miss more fun at Clare Welsh’s jazzy birthday meal on Sunday evening. Monday offered further opportunity for sightseeing including screaming our way around the dungeons (Rohanna Morris).
All in all a great time was had by everyone and the newer players gained valuable experience playing a variety of international teams. A big thank you to Stuart Hall and Emma Grant, adopted Thunderers for the weekend from Gloucester Lions.